Thursday, April 9, 2009

Self Portrait and Faces

This is a college buddy of mine from Art Center in Pasadena. We ended up being room mates on Oakland St . We went with a group of friends to a football game and on the way home we discovered that we were both going to celebrate our birthdays on the SAME DAY. It kind of freaked us out and we have had a strange kinda bond ever since. He is 1 hour older that me , adjusting for Mountain Time. He is an Art Professor at a Community College around St. Louis.

Its been awhile and I have put a little too much energy into " On Being Frank ". This was a sketch Doodle that I did for fun in my sketchbook back in my Pasadena Ca. days. By my head was ol Gus dusting the studio with a mask over his nose and mouth.

The rest of these pen and ink drawings are in my ol sketchbook. One of about 30 such books. Most are quick idea scribbles and others are more thought out such as the ones I have posted here.

I think I will change the name of this Blog again. Finding the right Name is kinda important to me and holds a spirit in the words. One of my close friends who is Irish has always called me OrDoodle...I think I will go with that as it has a playful jest and feel. And I am comfortable hearing it .


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