Thursday, May 14, 2009


As you can see by the date on the page this sketchbook doodle was a combination of random elements done awhile ago. I remember seeing a documentary of John Lennon and some stoned out hippie asked him about a curious lyric passage in one of his songs. He asked Mr. Lennon...What did you intend to mean when you wrote........."

Lennon just looked at him and replied...I just put some silly words together and was amused by the odd combination ( something like that ) no more and no less. I guess that's where I was at with this sketch.....



  1. That's fun - an odd combination that almost starts to mean something if you try really hard. For some reason, this sketch strikes me as very humorous too.

  2. very original this one, great job !

  3. thanks
    jronson......its been awhile since i have posted here...i'm usuallyat my other blog...

  4. Hey Jeremy...I finally got around to commenting... thanks ... its amazing what happens when we place disparate objects next to each other and our brains start searching for meanings and connections.