Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fairfax,Ca 1.2

This is a preliminary drawing on tracing paper for another drawing. I was heavily influenced by Chuck Close at this time. I think I was 23. I can't remember this designer but he graduated Art Center in Pasadena with me. He was in Advertising Design and he and his partner had a studio across from mine on Raymond Street. They hit it big time right away by designing the animated intro to Alex Haley's " Roots".

Drawing in Graphite. I started to do a series of friends of mine in this style. Then I got a call from Lucasfilm and started to work on " ET" and neglected the "FineArt" side of me for a long time.

I drew this on location in Guadalajara, Mexico . I was an exchange student as a senior in High School and I was representing the City of Rosemead Ca.

These were previously posted " On Being Frank". They have a new home.


I also will be uploading a portfolio of old sketch book stuff here. Like really old. How old ? Some back to High School.....please suffer my vanity on this. If it was'nt for this one would see them. So what would be the point? Its a rhetorical question.



  1. Frank, I love your art, love your sketches. I'm really flattered that you like mine.

    Are you currently doing much sketching? My sketching lately has mostly been for commissioned projects, but I'm getting fired up to start doin' em just for the heck of it. The heck of it is that I need to do em around midnite after I've shut down work for the day, then I panic cause I need to get up at 6:30 to take my daughter to school. So the sketches will have to be quick, down and dirty.

  2. I am blown away with your charcoal portraits. They are soo alive. they breath. I try to keep regular hours. 9 - 5 . I blog in the morning. And I hang with the fam at nite. I am learning alot from artists in the blogdom such as yourself. It really inspires me and keeps me on my toes.

    I don't sketch as much as those drwawers at " Urban Sketchers" but I want to stay in the loop so to speak.