Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grandpa in Bernallio , New Mexico

My grandfather on my Mom's side was Ralph Rodriguez Sr. He raised a rather large family through the depression. He had a country store and sold groceries to the locals as well as to Hopi and Navaho Indians. I have many fond memories of traveling by train to Bernallio on the "El Capitan" Santa Fe train line. I did a drawing of him in front of a storage building on his ranch where they ground maize. He even had a Hopi oven on the property. It's on his ranch that I learned my fear and distrust of Turkeys. They are evil and vindictive critters . I have no problem eating them.

mixed media on vellum


  1. Don't talk about learning from me, I'm gonna learn from you, such terrific art you do!

    Where I lived a few years ago we had wild turkeys roaming our property in the mountains. They were 'cute' from a distance, quarreling and bobbing about like a bunch of...well...turkeys. But if we got close...well...we learned not to get close. Like you say, they're good eatin'.

  2. Thomas...I am going to be studying your charcoal portraits. I really dig them!

  3. Thanks Isabel...like your blog! I'll be stopping by!