Saturday, February 14, 2009

For Drawing Inspiration

2 hour drawing session , graphite on cheap bond paper

This new Blog will be for drawings and notebook sketches and a forum of freeform expression. This is the maiden voyage.

I will post articles on artists that are drawing from the heart. I am very open to leads. Let me know who you have discovered out there in the Blogdom. I will also be using this opportunity to share my book resources and direct you to drawers past present and future. Like what Frank ?.....well in my travels in France I picked up some great Comic art by my hero's Moebius and Milo Manerra. That's just for starters. And I also get to show off the drawing Jim Gurney drew for my boys in one of his books he signed for them.


  1. Nice drawing. You just started this blog today? I'm in on the ground floor. I'll look forward to seeing your posts.

    I go through phases, but lately 'drawing' has my full attention, between my own, and the golden age of 'drawers', and contemporary—like yours. I love the spontaneity, a direct channel from mind to medium.

    Your drawing is studied, with such subtle tonals, yet feels spontaneous. I like the angle of view.

    I'm going to start another blog soon that likewise will just be sketches and such. Like I said, I look forward to more of yours.

  2. Thomas, Thanks for posting. The drawing of the girl that you did just took my breath away. You are a master. You've got it! I am your student!

    I look forward to seeing and going through your older posts!